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How To Lay Wooden Floor

how to lay wooden floor

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Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Jackson loves Thomas and Friends. Actually, "love" is probably not the right isn't strong enough. He has 2 sets of trains: big trains (wooden trains) and "baby trains" (metal). Here he is playing with his baby trains. We originally got him these thinking he might want to play with them in his room. Nope..we wrong. He just pulls them out into our dining room and wants the track to be put together. But, that's okay. He won't be little for long and will soon only want to be in his room.

For me, that track is quite the puzzle...and guess who's not good at puzzles?? Mommy. I do my best, though. Sometimes he points out that I don't do it like Daddy does. But, today I managed to put it together (all by myself) and did an "awesome job". High marks from a 3 year old makes for a happy mommy.

One thing I love about this is that he didn't know I was taking it. He paid no attention to me laying down on the floor (imagine that!) and just kept on playing. I love how he's really concentrating on what he's doing.

Thermolay Cable System

Thermolay Cable System

Best suited for the smaller installation where existing floor features, e.g. basin pedestals, protrude into the floor space restricting cable mat laying. The heating cable is simply arranged with both ends returning to the supply point and fastened to the prepared concrete or ply boarded floor with the fixing tape provided, then covered with screed and finally the finished floor covering. All kits come with a detailed guide on how to install and Thermolays customer support team will be on-line to assist with your installations queries. 24m cable length Approx area coverage 1.2m2 to 2.4m2 For best results 120W on wooden sub-floor, 160W on concrete sub floor Thermostat and connection box available, see details for options

how to lay wooden floor

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