Solid Oak Floor Boards - Underfloor Heating Manifolds.

Solid Oak Floor Boards

solid oak floor boards

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day 73

day 73

let the flooring begin. ripped (well removed carefully) the old laminate up in preparation for laying the new floor. spent a good while measuring and checking things like board length and width in comparison with the size of the room. i think i have it all layed out so it all locks together nicely and doesn't leave me with a slither to fit in at the edge, only time will tell.

Family Room Wood Floor 017

Family Room Wood Floor 017

This is our living room in the process of getting a new solid Oak floor. I bought the flooring on line and installed it myself. It is back breaking work but well worth the satisfaction when completed! The flooring is solid 3/4 inch Oak prefinished. It comes in 2 1/4 inch various length boards with tongue and groove edges.

solid oak floor boards

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